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Reporting Illness

Minor illnesses coughs and colds do not require pupils to stay at home.  Use your local Larvic Pharmacy on Milton Street who can provide advice, over the counter medication and reassurance. We suggest a dose of Calpol and staff will monitor them through the course of the day.  If your child is too unwell to remain in school we will contact you. 

Pupils can be unwell and unable to come to school and in such cases parents need to report the absence to the school office 01922720713.  As part of our responsibility to monitor school attendance all reasons for absence are recorded. We will always  encourage pupils to attend and remain in school and encourage parents to work with us on this. Please do not keep your child off school when they can be learning. 


  • Vomiting/Diarrhoea: pupils may return 48 hours after the last episode as long as they are well. 
  • Rashes/unknown spots: Consult the pharmacist or out of hours surgery for advice. 
  • Tiredness: Please ensure regular bedtime routines are in place.
  • Conjunctivitis (Sticky Eyes): Consult the pharmacist for over the counter eye drops. Child can attend school once drops have been administered.
  • Crying and upset: Whilst we understand it is difficult to see your child is upset, this is not a reason for absence. Please bring them to school and we will work with your child and with you to help them settle. 

More information on Attendance and Punctuality is available here.