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School Development Plan

The School Development Plan (SDP) is the most important document for us as a school and indeed the whole school community.

The SDP: 

  • Outlines what we know about ourselves
  • Outlines what we see as our priorities for action
  • Puts these priorities into a timescale so that they are achievable and can be measured
  • Outlines the strategic priorities agreed by the Governing Body, Headteacher and Senior Leaders

The SDP plan is underpinned by detailed plans for each curriculum area.

Our Key Areas for Improvement are

SDP Objectives for 2022/23

Objective 1

Quality of Education


Leaders need to ensure that all staff have access to subject-specific training so they can ensure that all pupils gain a deep understanding of the subjects they are learning. Subject Lead teachers to become ‘specialists’ within their subject. To speak with confidence about their subject development and implementation

Requires Improvement - Good

Objective 2

Quality of Education


  • Ensure lessons always provide opportunities to recap prior learning or reinforce current learning.
  • Ensure staff use language appropriately to ensure pupils learning is supported.
  •  Leaders need to ensure that all staff carefully adapt their curriculum implementation to ensure that pupils learn and remember more over time.

Requires Improvement - Good

Objective 3

Quality of Education


Leaders need to ensure that all pupils, have access to the full curriculum and the chance to learn regularly alongside their peers and from their class teacher.

Requires Improvement - Good

Objective 4

Behaviour and Attitudes

Staff ensure scaffolds are appropriate for developing independence

Good - Outstanding

Objective 5

Personal Development

Go beyond the expected, so that pupils have a wide and rich set of experiences, to considerably strengthen the school offer’   

Good - Outstanding

Objective 6

Leadership and Management

  • Ensure Teachers subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge consistently builds over time.  This translates into improvements in the teaching of the curriculum. (EIF)
  • Re-structure SLT & support and embed new key staff through coaching and mentoring.
  • Review our whole school Self Evaluation Schedule through Core Teams, Subject Teams and Deep Dive structures.
  • Ensure all staff receive opportunities for quality CPD

Good - Outstanding

Objective 7


  • Ensure provision is consistent across the EYFS building on the exceptional practice in Reception


The Governing Body continually monitor the SDP through the termly Headteacher's Report and regular school visits.