New September guidance has been developed and emails have been be sent to parents about our return in September. See Parents, September Admissions and Transitions section of our school website.
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A guide to reporting illness during Coronavirus Pandemic



  • At Palfrey Infants we require all parties to support in this management by notifying to us accurately and in a timely manner.
  • We are using the Guidance issued by Public Health England / Walsall in managing illness and Covid cases.
  • We report any recorded illness and request parents/ staff ensure test & trace is used when required.



  • A new continuous cough
  • Fever 37.8
  • Loss of or change of sense of taste
  • Loss of  or change in normal sense of smell


If you develop symptoms whilst at home


  • Contact the school to inform them of a suspected case by phone as soon as possible. (01922 720713)
  • Pupil/ Staff member should stay at home
  • Self-isolate – 7 days for symptomatic individual, 14 days for household members
  • Arrange testing for symptomatic individual ( via NHS 119 or  NHS UK )
  • If anyone who is symptomatic deteriorates or becomes symptomatic please seek medical advice.
  • School will record this and inform Walsall Health Protection Unit.



If you develop symptoms whilst at school

  • Pupil would be moved to isolation area , Parents would be called to collect child from the isolation area
  • Staff to wear PPE whilst accompanying the pupil
  • Pupils to use a separate bathroom (Disabled Toilet)
  • The bathroom should be closed and thoroughly cleaned prior to anyone else using it.
  • School to keep a record of any illness in school on Appendix 2 form and contact Walsall Health Protection Unit.



If we get notified of a confirmed case within school

  • If a case is confirmed school via track and trace we will close the Pod with immediate effect and all persons pupils / staff within that pod will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. ( Family members are not required to self-isolate unless they show symptoms)
  • Parents/ Staff would receive a text with information from Public Health England via the Headteacher / School
  • Pod would only need to be tested IF they were to develop symptoms.
  • School would not close unless advised by contact tracer.
  • School to liaise with Public Health England
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