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MOMO Challenge Video warning to parents

We have been notified of a disturbing app that is circulating , please talk to your children about telling you  if anything appears on their computer which asks them to cause harm to themselves.


See info below from Nicola Rudge E Safety Advisor

This is yet another scaremongering challenge type situation that has previously appeared under different guises for example 'Slenderman' and 'The Blue Whale Challenge' Information suggests numerous children are now being exposed to the 'MOMO Challenge' on a daily basis, basically kids are being convinced to contact a number via instagram, Facebook,WhatsApp or any platform that connects to someone running the challenge. Additional to this there are now numerous copycat type situations where despicable people are posting 'MOMO Challenge Videos' embedded in seemingly okay YouTube videos that are directed at children. Children are then told that they will die unless they follow through a challenge. Many of the challenges involve self-harm and suicide. Some of the sketches depicting suicide are horrific.


Every Parent needs to make sure that they have a line of communication with their child at home whereby they will be able to speak to them if they come across anything that remotely links to this situation or indeed anything that links to 'suicide advice'.


The children need to know they can raise these issues with their parents without then having to deal with an immediate ban from electronics etc for their honesty. If parents punish their children as a result of a disclosure relating to the 'MOMO Challenge' we would regard this as an extremely dangerous situation and strongly ask parents to think carefully about how they handle this issue.

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