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September Reminders Update

Dear Parents,


I  hope you are all keeping well .


Our September return is fast approaching and I would like to assure you everything is in process to ensure a smooth and safe return for our pupils. 


We are currently having the Nursery & Reception Base flooring replaced with vinyl flooring so it can be easily cleaned each night. It will also give the Nursery & Reception base a new modern look. We have purchased lots of new resources which can be easily cleaned too.


In Year 1 & Year 2 all classrooms & shared areas will have been  deep cleaned prior to us starting back. We have also purchased extra playground barriers so we can easily create 3 sectioned areas for classes to play safely. All pupils have their own resources within their tray and each class has a selection of playground resources. 


At lunchtimes the children will sit with their own classes and will then go to their own sectioned area of the playground for their playtime with their class teacher. Our pupils requiring additional support will be escorted into the lunch hall with their 1-1 TA. Each class will have a dedicated lunchtime supervisor. 


For parents who have not yet returned the playground is now a one way system and we ask you to follow the arrows on the floor and stand on the dots to ensure social distancing. We also ask as a matter of courtesy for adults to wear face coverings when sending and collecting your child from school as the playground will get busy even though we have staggered start and end times for each year group. ( Please see the September powerpoints for details) Children are not required to wear masks in school.


The children should wear their uniform from September, please ensure this is clearly labelled. We ask you to change this regularly to ensure we limit the risk of any transmission.


Pupils in Year 1 & Year 2  will attend either Monday & Tuesday OR Thursday and Friday for the first 2 weeks , this is so we can work in smaller groups to assess and ensure all children understand the new routines. See the school website Parents/ Admissions & Transition September 2020 for more guidance and information.


We appreciate you are anxious to get children back in school and learning as soon as possible,  we want to ensure this is done safely. 

We thank you for your continued patience and support during this time. 


Our focus for our Year 1 & Year 2 pupils for the first half term will be:


1. Pupils understand the new routines on hygiene and safety.

2. Pupils feel safe & happy in school.

3. Catch up on missed learning , with a focus on phonics, reading , writing and maths as the first priority.

4. Developing a home learning route with parents in case of further local/ national lockdowns. 


Also note there is a need for accurate illness reporting of both pupils & household members . Further guidance is on our website Key Information : A guide to reporting illness during Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please read the guidance carefully so we can keep everyone safe.


We look forward to getting back to 'normal' in September. You will shortly receive a text with your child's start date for pupils in Year 1 & 2.


Nursery & Reception pupils have their 1-1 meetings from September 2nd- September 4th. Nursery parents  will be given your child's start date at that meeting .  Reception parents please refer to the overview in the September transition guidance.  


If you have any concerns or questions please contact  the school via our email and we will endeavour to help.




Kind regards


Alison Walsh

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