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We are extremely passionate about Physical Education and developing a healthy active life-style at Palfrey Infant School.  This is achieved through PE lessons, ‘Active Blasts’ and pupil and parent workshops.

New data released by the NHS found that the number of children in England needing treatment for serious mental health problems has risen by 39% in a year and referrals have now alarmingly passed the 1 million mark. This generation has experienced major changes in their lives following the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of this, increased social inequality, online harm and the cost-of-living crisis are creating a ripple effect on young people’s school and home life.

A new study we funded shows that by age 11, children are doing more than an hour less of physical activity a week than at age 6. In Reception, 27.4% of children are classified as overweight, including obese.  In year 6, 44.6% of children are classified as overweight, including obese.  Around 2/3 of Adults are above a healthy weight.  (NHS)


By the time pupils leaves Palfrey Infant School they should:

  • to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to take away a positive experience of PE and physical activity.
  • be able to explore, play and develop fundamental skills is PE.
  • have a good foundation of the core skills which enables them to further develop moving into the Junior school and beyond.
  • Pupils begin to understand and explore how fundamental skills are transferred into a sporting setting.
  • show respect and good teamwork with a partner or small groups.
  • to start to develop an awareness of personal development and resilience.
  • know the importance of being healthy by exercising and understanding their diet and can transfer these skills into their own lifestyle.
  • All pupils have access and opportunities to work towards 60 active minute per day. (30 minutes within school)


We will enable children to achieve this by:

  • ensuring they participate in 1 hour of inclusive high-quality PE every week which focuses on play and exploring in a fun non-competitive environment.
  • using the Imoves PE program (delivered by teachers) to help develop a range of key fundamental skills from Reception to Year 2.
  • working in pairs and small groups to complete challenges and tasks, in order to do so they will need to develop communication skills, teamwork and resilience.
  • providing children with opportunities to further develop core skills through cricket coaching, sporting days and external events.
  • teaching pupils and parents/carers about healthy lifestyles not only through the curriculum but also additional health workshops (Super Wiggles, Streetly Network)
  • creating daily opportunities to be active both in and out of the classroom and through PE lessons. (Imoves, Active Blasts/Wake up Shake Up, structured playtime/lunchtime activities)
  • using The PE Network to support staff with planning and CPD to plan PE lessons which challenge all pupils and allow for progression.


We will measure the impact of our curriculum by:

  • assessing the children (Rec to Year 2) against the Imoves assessment snapshots for skills and personal learning at the start and end of each half-term.
  • Assessing children (Nur-Rec) against the EYFS statements for Physical Development.
  • Monitoring parental support to workshops and feedback.
  • Giving the pupils and an opportunity to voice their understanding of PE and being healthy.

More information on PE Kit is available here.