School is currently closed to all pupils (Friday 15th January 2021). Please check your emails for updates. Live learning timetable (Google Classroom and Google Meet) available on Class pages. Please see Parents/Latest News for updates from Mrs Walsh regarding the lockdown online learning.
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Phonic Workshops

Set 3 session 2 practise session

Phonics session Set 3 Sounds and green word practise

Set 3 Split e sounds

Here is an explanation of Set 3 split e sounds and split e green words to practise

Set 2 Green Words Practice

Please use this video to practise the 12 set 2 sounds within green words.

Set 2 Sounds

Now we are learning the next 12 sounds , we call these Set 2 sounds.

Set One Sounds Session 2

Mrs Walsh's Parent Workshop 2 Set One Sounds.

Set One Sounds Session 1

Help your child at home with Set One sounds for phonics for children in nursery and reception.

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