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Reporting Illness

REPORTING ILLNESS: Help to keep everyone safe and healthy

 As we return to 'normal' please remember Covid is still present. If your child is ill, please consider if it could be Covid and seek a test. 


  • At Palfrey Infants we require all parties to support in this management by notifying to us accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Please be careful of the language used, do not say FLU if you mean a cold they are very different especially in the current climate!
  • We are still using the Guidance issued by Public Health England / Walsall in managing illness and Covid cases ( this changes frequently).
  • We report any recorded illness as part of our absence procedure and will be monitoring surges in illness in classes.



DO NOT come to school , please phone us 01922 720713.

Plus ensure you get a test as soon as possible if your child has 


  • A new continuous cough
  • Fever 37.8
  • Loss of or change of sense of taste
  • Loss of  or change in normal sense of smell

NEW symptoms of Delta variant; Symptoms are similar to a cold, best to get a PCR test.

  • vomiting (48 hour rule & PCR)
  • over tiredness
  • aching limbs
  • runny nose
  • Diarrhea (48 hour rule and PCR)


If you develop COVID symptoms whilst at home: CONTACT SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY  

If symptoms develop over the weekend contact Mrs Walsh

  • Contact the school to inform them of a suspected case by phone as soon as possible. (01922 720713)
  • Pupil/ Staff member should stay at home, family can continue as normal if double vaccinated.
  • Self-isolate – 5 days for symptomatic individual. ( recommended not compulsary)
  • Arrange testing for symptomatic individual ( via NHS 119 or 
  • NHS UK  
  • If anyone who is symptomatic deteriorates or becomes symptomatic please seek medical advice.
  • If you need an interpreter phone 119


If a child develops COVID symptoms whilst at school we will contact you

  • Parent to access a PCR test for their child immediately. (If available)
  • Keep the child at home until day 5 of symptoms start.
  • If the test result is negative the child can then return to school
  • PLEASE NOTE : Pupils without a negative test result will not be allowed in school for 5 days.


If a someone in class tests positive for Covid:

Current advice from the government is: April 2022


1. Children DO NOT have to stay at home UNLESS they have symptoms, they can continue to come to school.

2.  We suggest you monitor your child for symptoms, however mild, and seek a PCR  test if they have any symptoms. 

(This MUST BE a a full PCR test , phone 119 or go on the NHS website to book a test)

3. If your child is ill please keep them at home and contact school 01922 720713

4. Adult Staff DO NOT have to self isolate if they have had their double COVID vaccination


Classes can remain in school under the current guidance HOWEVER school retains the right to ask pupils to go home if showing any symptoms and not return without a negative PCR test. We ask you to work with us as this is very difficult to manage within school.


Please DO NOT send children into school with ANY COVID 19 symptoms.


Thank you for your support 


Mrs Alison Walsh 



Pupils do get other illnesses and you need to report this to school in the usual way through phoning the school office. (01922 720713) We can then advise you. We record all reasons for school absence as part of our monitoring school attendance. Use your local Larvic Pharmacy , Milton Street , they are great for advice!



  • Rashes/ unknown spots etc : Consult the pharmacist or out of hours surgery for advice. We will then inform you of school requirements.
  • Tiredness: Children need to be in school. Please ensure regular bedtime routines are in place
  • Conjunctivitis: (Sticky Eyes) : Consult pharmacist for drops , child can attend school once drops have been administered.
  • Crying and upset: Whilst we understand it is hard when  you see your child is upset this is not a reason for absence. Please bring them to school and we will work with you. We do not want children to think not being at school is the norm.


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