School closes Tuesday 20th July Re-opens for Year 1 & 2 pupils Monday 6th September 2021.
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Hello Parents and Children,



Unfortunately we have had to close Class 9 for the next two weeks.  It is very sad because the children were all working so hard!  I know it is not the same as being in the classroom but we can still use Purple Mash and Rising Stars to help you continue learning.


Please login to Purple Mash and click on the 'Sharing' icon at the top of the screen.  This will show you 4 different Blogs that I have set up, according to the colour group that your child sits in.  The children should know which group they are in but if unsure please email me to find out.  The Blogs will have videos and activities for the children to watch and complete.  If you are unable to print, don't worry, just write the answers on a piece of paper or talk through them together.  I will also be setting 2Dos throughout the next two weeks that can be completed online.  Please click on '2Dos' at the top of the screen.


 Please log in to Rising Stars Reading Planet to continue with your reading.  If you could aim to read for half an hour each day, that would be great! 

When you read your text don't forget to look out for the green ?  These are the quiz questions.


If you earned a bronze or silver star on a quiz, you can read the text again and try to get a gold star!


The home learning booklet that was sent home with your child has a variety of activities in them.  Please choose 1 or 2 pages to do each day, along with 1 page of the common exception words spelling booklet and 3 letters from the handwriting booklet.


Please stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again in two weeks time.


Remember you can email me for support if you need to:

Mrs Collett, Class 9


Take care,

Mrs Collett

Year 2 Visited Aisha Mosque this term

Our Trip to Warwick Castle

History Big Question: What is special about a fortress?

Homework Task: Make your own model of a castle.


Science Big Question: What is our School made from?

Please learn to read and spell these words.

Class 9 Artwork in the Style of Martin Bulinya

Education City Purple Mash
We've had 9 1 3 9 8 visitors