Jubilee Celebrations take place on 26th May for Nursery and 27th May for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Reminder we close early on 27th May at 2pm.
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Palfrey Infant School

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Welcome to Year 2

Classes and Teachers

Class 7 - Mrs Patel

              Mrs Akhtar


Class 8 - Mrs Foster

              Mrs Salim


Class 9 - Mrs Collett

              Mrs Ahkter


PE Days

Class 7 and 8 - Thursday

Class 9 - Friday


Autumn Term Topics

Science - We are learning to investigate, explore and evaluate the world around us.  Our focus for this term is materials.

Have a look at different objects around your house.  Can you find something made out of wood? Or plastic?  Or metal?  Or glass?


History - We are learning to find out about people and events from the past.  Our focus this term is Nelson Mandela and how he made the world a better place.

Can you find out any facts about Nelson Mandela?


Art - We are learning to use a range of media to create different artwork.  Our focus this term is Martin Bulinya and African Art.  Can you find any artwork created by Martin Bulinya?


DT - We are learning to design, make and evaluate a range of products.  Our focus this term is designing and building a castle.  What materials do you think would be good to use and why?


Computing - We are learning to use computer technology to create, store and communicate information.  Our focus this term is Online Safety.  How should we keep safe when using tablets, phones or computers?


PE - We are learning to control our bodies through different movements and understand the effect this has.  Our focus this term is Games and practising different ways of moving.


Please learn to read and spell these words.

Year 2 Visit to Aisha Mosque

Year 2 Trip to Warwick Castle

Class 9 Artwork in the Style of Martin Bulinya

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