New September guidance has been developed and emails have been be sent to parents about our return in September. See Parents, September Admissions and Transitions section of our school website.
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Hello Parents and Children,


Hopefully you have started to work your way through your home learning packs from school.  If you still have school reading books at home, please can you contact the office and arrange dropping them into school, thank you.


Remember we would love to see any activities you have done at home.  Drawing, designing, building, baking, researching, exploring anything that interests you.  Please share what you have been doing by emailing pictures to your teachers.  We will then share them in the picture 'Gallery' on our website.


Lots of children are still using Rising Stars Reading Planet, since our last update, which is great and lots of you are earning stars by completing the quizzes at the end of each book.

When you read your text, look out for the green ?  These are the quiz questions.


If you earned a bronze or silver star on a quiz, you can read the text again and try to get a gold star!


These children have completed quizzes and earned stars. Well done!!

   Class 7 - Uwais, Muhammad K., Bilal, Danyaal, Rayan, Sayeeb

   Class 8 - Saba, M. Yusuf, Anaya

   Class 9 - M. Yusuf, Muaz, Ahmed  



The reading champion is Danyaal (Cl. 7) who earned the most stars!!


Children that have read all of White level books will need to click on KS2(this is working now!) to access Lime level books that have been set by your teacher.


If you have read all of your books, keep checking for new ones that will be added by your teacher.


Uwais (Cl. 7) has used a writing prompt from the Writing Star on this page to write his own story.  Have a look at the prompt ideas and choose one to write about.  If you email your work to your teacher, we will display it on the website.  Well done Uwais, all of the teachers love to see the work you are doing at home!




We would still like you to try the lessons on BBC Bitesize.  They have 3 lessons a day, one for English, one for Maths and the third subject changes each day.

This is the link to the website.  Click on Year 2 and try your best to do what you can.


If you are unable to print at home, just look at the questions on the screen and write the answers on a piece of paper or talk through the answers with someone.


Click on this link below to start watching daily phonics lessons at home.

Daily Phonics Lessons


There will also be some new activities to have a try at on Education City and Purple Mash.


Drawing, designing, building, baking, researching, exploring anything that interests you are all great activities too.  If you want to share what you have been doing you can email pictures to your teachers.


We understand that this is a strange situation so please only do what you feel is manageable.  Please stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again once school is allowed to reopen.


Remember you can email us for support if you need to:

Mrs Patel, Class 7

Mrs Foster, Class 8

Mrs Collett, Class 9


Take care, from Mrs Patel, Mrs Foster, Mrs Collett and the Year 2 team.

A Timetable Idea for those that might want one

Year 2 Visited Aisha Mosque this term

Our Trip to Warwick Castle

History Big Question: What is special about a fortress?

Homework Task: Make your own model of a castle.


Science Big Question: What is our School made from?

Please learn to read and spell these words.

Class 9 Artwork in the Style of Martin Bulinya

Education City Purple Mash
We've had 5 9 5 7 8 visitors